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  • Getting the work done!

    Laura Walters knows how to get things done. Having known her for years, I have seen her intelligence, passion and pragmatism at work in whatever project she takes on. She has worked diligently on behalf of both the residents and users of Claytor Lake to ensure that their voices were heard and then balanced with the needs of industry and Pulaski County while decisions were being made. She has been effective at getting funding for projects she was advocating for and cares about kids and dogs too. Just ask one of her kids or one of her rescue dogs, they’ll tell you. Check out the work she has already done and you will know why I believe she would do even more great work on the Board of Supervisors.

    Brian Bongard
  • Great Organization and Determination

    In addition to all of her other work, Laura managed to be President of the Pulaski County Humane Society for several years.  She worked to bring that organization into an efficient operating organization.  She continues her interest in animals and the well-being of animals in Pulaski and elsewhere.  This is just one more example of her contributions to both Pulaski County and the Lake Community.  Wish all the Board of Supervisors  members were this involved in the promotion and support of Pulaski County.

    David Hill
    Radford University
  • Great to work with

    Working with her over the past few years I have found Laura Walters to be a caring and dedicated advocate for the community and the environment. She is experienced in public service, is a diligent worker for a sustainable environment and has a firm understanding of the business aspect of running a successful endeavor. I believe she would make an excellent member of the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors.

    Cathy Hanks
    Friends of Peak Creek
  • A True asset to Pulaski County

    I have known Laura Walters for the better part of two decades and have watched her turn her words and ideas into action, for the betterment of the community. Various boards and organizations in Pulaski County have greatly benefited from Laura’s creative efforts and hard work. Her intelligence, and ability to do the hard work necessary to represent all of the citizens of the Ingles District is just what we need to make our voices heard. There is no doubt that she would be an outstanding Supervisor. 

    Cheri Strenz